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System Concept, Design, Documentation, Acquisition and Evaluation

The matrix organization at ATR is well suited to provide all aspects of System Development, which can be readily integrated and managed by an efficient and talented team.

System Safety Support


ATR provides guidance, analysis and assistance as required in the system safety arena for all phases of system development. Additionally, ATR specializes in the preparation of requirements and reviews by the Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board.

Design & Prototyping


Our senior engineering and analysis staff work together to provide efficient hardware design and acquisition. Hardware acquisition is under strict Configuration Control thereby providing our customers assurance that prototype tests are using hardware in-accordance with design documentation.

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Technical Data Package Analyses


ATR provides a unique capability through its senior and experienced staff in the analysis of Drawing Packages for compliance with Y14.5 (Geometric and Dimensional Analysis). Packages are also reviewed for completeness, clarity, and readiness for competitive acquisition.

System Evaluation


Several members of our staff have over 30 years of experience in the establishment of system requirements and the technical evaluation of test plans and system performance.

Strategic Systems Support


The ATR Strategic Systems Branch provides consultation on Navy Reentry Systems in the areas of thermal protection materials development development, thermo-structural analysis, aero-thermal analysis, flight mechanics analysis and flight and ground testing.

Architectural & Facility


Develop/update facility requirements documents including: Basic Facility Requirements, Conceptual Designs and Design Criteria Documents. Develop facility acquisition plans and approaches. Develop MILCON documentation, including DD1391s and Cost Estimates. Support development of Environmental Assessments, other NEPA documentation and Explosive Safety Analysis documents. Support facility site selection and approval. Develop graphics aids and models for better understanding of facility footprint and site layout.

Information Technology


ATR's Staff performs a myriad of functions within the technologies comprising the Information Technology (IT) field. The work is performed both in support of private sector and government customers.