Our boat launch and recovery systems currently under development are innovative engineering designs directed towards optimizing deployment times and safety to the Navy's fleet. These new technologies will enable the Navy to rapidly launch and recover a variety of vessels. The two technologies currently under development focus on boats with a ramp and capture cradle strategy which will integrate with the Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) and Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB) ships.

Recent Government sponsored R&D projects:

  • NAVSEA SBIR (N18.1-056) Phase I & II, Adaptable Boat Launch and Recovery System, where ATR is developing a launch and recovery system to be on board the Zumwalt Class guided missile destroyers (DDG 1000) to manage the deployment and retrieval of a variety of craft or other assets from the boat bay to the sea.
  • NAVSEA SBIR (N17A-T012) Phase I & II, Innovative Material Handling System for the Expeditionary Mobile Base (ESB) Class Ship, where ATR is developing an advanced dual purpose elevator system to transfer aircraft and cargo from the flight deck to the mid or mission bay and to launch and recover manned and unmanned boats up to 65ft from mission bay to the sea.
  • NAVSEA SBIR (N15.2-102) Phase I & II, Modular Boat Ramp to Launch and Retrieve Watercraft from Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV), where ATR is developing a portable ramp based system to fast-tempo L&R small watercraft of up to 40 feet in length from the JHSV, now called Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF).
  • ONR SBIR (N14.1-061) Phase I & II, Sensing and Control Technology to Assist Vehicle Launch and Recovery, where ATR has developed a novel over-the-side launch and recovery (L&R) system both small surface craft and submersibles for use aboard the Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB).
L&R of Boats

DDG1000 Boat L&R                                         Boat L&R from ESB                  Boat L&R from EPF

NOTICE: Identification of the sponsoring agencies does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Government, or its official endorsement of these programs.