Our strong background in sensor processing, control algorithms and complex user interfaces has enabled us to develop innovative solutions in a variety of areas outside of launch and recovery, material and personnel transfer technologies. Relevant projects include:

  • DOT SBIR (13.1-FR1), Low Ground Clearance Vehicle Detection and Warning System, where ATR has designed a sensor system to profile the under-body of a ground vehicle and assess the risk of hang-up while traversing an at-grade railroad crossing.
  • ONR SBIR (N11.2-148), Versatile Shallow Water Anchoring / Securing Technology, where ATR developed a concept of a robotic anchor for securing a Naval ship.
  • NSF (PAR-10-279), Robotic-Assisted Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation Device, where ATR developed a concept of robot for assisting patient transfer and rehabilitation.
  • ONR BAA (13-001), Noise Induced Hearing Loss, where ATR supported NCE and developed a software program called DESIGNER NOISE, which allows for quick and accurate predictions of noise levels on surface ships and other stiffened plate structures.
  • Support for various autonomous ground vehicle programs sponsored by the Army and Navy. ATR has provided support for sensor processing, decision processing, and world modeling.
  • Sensor, electronics and software integration support for the NASA DepthX program. ATR delivered a drop sonde that collected data at the Zacaton, MX site that formed the basis for the autonomous underwater vehicle tested at Zacaton and targeted for exploration on Europa.
  • ATR developed planning software to optimize target points for mine clearing munitions as part of a NavSea program. The developed software generates an optimal target pattern given errors in the delivery platform and the effective kill radius.
  • ATR has developed software for CNC pattern cutting that has been used by hundreds of cutting machines. The software includes intuitive GUI interfaces as well as coordinated motion control algorithms that incorporate the physics of the cutting process, which includes flame and waterjet cutting. These control systems have been deployed world-wide and continue to have an active user base.
Other Advanced Technologies

         LCCVDS Roadside Testing                  Autonomous Vehicle                  DepthX Underwater Vehicle

NOTICE: Identification of the sponsoring agencies does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Government, or its official endorsement of these programs.