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Our UAV launch and recovery system technology for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles enhances safety and reliability. Over the past decade, ATR has participated in several projects funded by ONR and DARPA to develop and demonstrate this technology, which included the ATR patented SeaCatcher system for runway-free and shipboard UAV recovery. The SeaCatcher relies on automatic ship motion compensation and can recover UAVs weighing up to 600 lbs. ATR is currently participating in the DARPA Gremlins program, developing a system that enables launch and recovery of a swarm of fixed-wing UAVs from and to a C-130 aircraft.

Recent Government sponsored R&D projects:

  • DARPA BAA (15-59), Gremlins, where ATR has supported the Prime Contractor and developed the launch & recovery subsystem for a swarm of fixed-wing UAVs from and to a C-130 aircraft.
  • DARPA BAAs (08-031, 10-09), SeaCatcher, where ATR developed an innovative solution for launching and recovering fixed-wing UAVs from small surface combatant by active motion compensation of the host vessel.
  • DARPA BAA (06-15), Large Fixed-Wing UAV Launch and Recovery System for Small Surface Combatants, where ATR developed a concept of shipboard launch and recovery of fixed-wing UAVs up to 3,000lbs.
  • ONR SBIR (04-225), Stable Platform Module for Ships, where ATR developed a concept that uses a stabilized arm and novel aircraft acquisition and arresting device, collectively referred to as a Stabilized Recovery System, to recover UAVs directly from flight, over the side of the ship, without need of a flight deck or risk of a shipboard crash.
L&R of UAVs

             Gremlins Concept                        SeaCatcher Solution                 SeaCatcher Muzzle Tests

NOTICE: Identification of the sponsoring agencies does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Government, or its official endorsement of these programs.