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We are experienced in developing solutions for handling material and personnel in dynamic sea based environments. Technologies for positive control of the payloads have been developed to maintain safe conditions for ship, equipment and personnel. ATR combines innovative mechanical design, motion sensing and control algorithm development to address the challenges of maintaining stable payload control under high sea state conditions.

Recent Government sponsored R&D projects:

  • NAVSEA SBIR (N13.2-120), Robotic Mission Module Handling System (RMMHS), where ATR is developing a robotic system that can transport mission modules aboard the LCS variants under sea state and space constrained conditions.
  • NAVSEA SBIR (N11.2-137), Active-Compensation Motion Platform Technology, where ATR developed advanced motion platforms to mitigate risks of Railgun and other mission-critical payloads aboard a small size Naval ship such as the Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF).
  • DARPA BAA (10-57), Tactical Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP), where ATR supported Raytheon and developed concepts for a parallel manipulator that is capable of transferring 20 ft containers between boats and high freeboard ships at sea.
  • NAVSEA SBIR (N06-057), At-Sea Personnel Transfer System (PTS), where ATR developed a parallel manipulator and control software to transfer personnel between a small boat and a high freeboard ship.
  • ONR BAA (06-030), Interface Ramp Technologies (IRT), where ATR supported DDL Omni and developed a scale model and control system for vehicle transfer between two large vessels at sea.
  • ONR BAA (04-006), High-Capacity Alongside Sea Base Sustainment, Large Vessel Interface Lift-on/Lift-off (HiCASS, LVI Lo/Lo), where ATR supported Oceaneering and developed the sensor processing and control software to transfer 20 ft containers between ships in sea state.
  • ONR SBIR (15.1-061), In-Water Container Lifting System (IWCLS), where ATR is developing a a self-erecting lifting mechanism that is capable of being deployed from an air platform and can load 20 and 40 ft floating containers onto the deck of a transport ship.
Material Handling & Personnel Handling at Sea

       HiCASS At-Sea Testing                        RMMHS Concept                              IRT Scale Model

NOTICE: Identification of the sponsoring agencies does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Government, or its official endorsement of these programs.